Oct 21st, 2014

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Oct 15th, 2014
Oct 15th, 2014
Oct 14th, 2014
"When Someone you love dies , you never quite get over it…You just learn to slowly go on without them…BUT always keeping them tucked safely within your HEART…."
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Oct 14th, 2014
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Taylor Swift - Out of The Woods

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Oct 4th, 2014

Words of Emotion
Oct 2nd, 2014

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Oct 1st, 2014
"And sometimes it hits me out of nowhere. All of a sudden this overwhelming sadness rushes over me. And I get discouraged and I get upset and I feel hopeless, sad and hurt. And once again, I feel numb to the world."
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Sep 30th, 2014
"Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let go. People are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing."
— Brian L. Weiss, Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love (via kushandwizdom)
Sep 30th, 2014
"Some people are as fragile as butterflies and sensitive and it’s your responsibility not to destroy them. Just because you can."
— Marisha Pessl, Special Topics in Calamity Physics (via maddierose)

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